The Gift of Steve Jobs

Contrary to the by-line, this post is by Bob not Joselle. She wanted me to post an item that’s been of interest lately.

As a reader of Mac and Apple rumor sites over the years, I was surprised the night of October 5th when I went to to show Joselle a news item which […]

Probabilities and Particle Collisions

I was impressed when my husband, who participates in one of the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, first recounted the discovery of the top quark at the Tevatron Particle Accelerator in Batavia, Illinois. He told me about it shortly after we met, in the summer of 1998. I had already read some […]

The Determination of the Imagination

The story of online gamers solving protein structure problems for biochemists has been reported by many, including the New York Times, NPR’s 360, Youtube, and a host of blogs. The gamers, by using their three-dimensional puzzle solving skills, have made significant contributions to biochemical research.

The problem for biochemists is predicting the shape that a […]