Timeless geometry and what we say time is

Another article about physics and mathematics by Natalie Wolchover, published in both Wired and Quanta Magazine, got my attention because it began like this:

In late August, paleontologists reported finding the fossil of a flattened turtle shell that “was possibly trodden on” by a dinosaur, whose footprints spanned the rock layer directly above. The […]

What can’t be sensed

Step by step, our ideas about the nature of our reality have moved far from the sensory constructions of space and time that define our immediate experience. And once fully outside the knowledge brought with sensation, we lose our footing. It’s difficult to manage ‘what can’t be sensed.’ But our conceptual difficulties with quantum mechanics […]

Time, mathematics and Plato’s cave

Sean Carroll, Theoretical Physicist at the California Institute of Technology has recently published a new book. Entitled The Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Higgs Boson Leads us to the Edge of a New World it discusses the importance of the Higgs boson as well as the significance of the extraordinary work […]

The Nature of Time in physics, philosophy, complexity, neuroscience and Liebniz

I ventured down a series of paths today, no doubt related, but with no quick and easy way to tie them together. So I decided to invite you to look with me and let your mind play.

I started with a couple of talks at a recent at a recent Foundational Questions Institute conference on […]

Time, memory, illusions and mathematics

In a recent post on the Scientific American blog network, George Musser reported on talks given by neuroscientists at a conference, organized by the Foundational Questions Institute on how the brain works to construct our sense of past, present and future.

Musser’s post made some observations that were familiar to me – like the idea […]