Standing by for a correction to our view of the physical

I’ve spent a number of years using this blog to highlight the way that mathematical things seem to operate in very natural occurrences like the way our brains work, the way ants navigate, the way plants calculate an efficient consumption rate of their stored starch, the collective behavior of insect colonies, flocks, schools, and […]

The monad, autopoiesis and Christmas

If you were listening, the season brought the usual surge of Christmas music through all manner of electromagnetic transmission, wired and wireless, causing me to remember again my mild preoccupation with one tune in particular, namely – Do You Hear What I Hear? For the past few years I found myself listening more closely […]

Update on site

Hello everyone,

I want to let subscribers know that I am making some hosting changes. I will be posting a blog tomorrow. If you don’t receive notice of the post, I encourage you to resubscribe.

Thanks for your interest in the site.


David Deutsch, Constructor Theory and the nature of information

David Deutsch is proposing a very interesting conceptual shift in how we understand the nature of a physical theory. It’s an idea he has for “generalizing the quantum theory of computation to cover not just computation but all physical processes.” The theory in question he calls Constructor Theory. A video of Deutsch outlining the ideas […]